We build businesses with people, for people and thanks to people. We believe that their abilities and talents have irreproducible value and their engagement underlies everything we do.

first who than what

We function in an environment where change is the only constant. This is why at the very beginning we invite the right people to our team. People who have potential and competences to work effectively in volatile conditions. Having such a team, we set a course of action and goals that we want to achieve.


We build businesses completely from scratch, at the same perfecting ones that are already operational. At first we determine the needs, then we look for solutions. We try to break patterns; we think outside the box; we test things in different ways; and we use the design thinking and the lean start-up methodologies.


In our industry, one who does not develop, lags behind. Development and knowledge sharing are in our blood. This is why every day we undertake ambitious tasks, which often exceed our competences; we learn new things, we overstep our boundaries, we are not afraid to make mistakes and we constantly improve our abilities.


We make a harmonious team whose members share the same goals. Everyone has impact on them, regardless of their position. Trust is the core of our actions. We always follow the rule that everyone’s work is valuable but also depends quite strongly on the effects of the work of others.

To_reforge TEAM

team spirit

To_Reforge consists of people of varied experience from different fields, collected both on the Polish and on the international market. People who can face up to any problem and whose knowledge and skills are indispensable: experienced entrepreneurs, committed specialists and born start-up founders.

Among us there are marketing specialists, business analysts, programmers, customer service specialists, product managers and business developers with international experience. People who know the process of company building inside out. People whose fresh angle allows them to break patterns and come up with innovative solutions. People whose passion make the impossible possible.