Launch of Concept Hub – a new programme of the polish “company builder” To_Reforge

Teams which contact Concept Hub are provided with the assistance of experts specialising in different fields, who carry out, among others, a professional analysis of the business concept and run consumer tests, as well as prepare the project for growth on the global market. Participation in the programme is free of charge. The best projects can strive towards further development as part of the To Reforge company, which develops businesses in 26 countries of the world.


To Reforge is a Polish representative of companies which belong to the sector of the so-called company builders, which specialise in building companies from scratch. The new programme focuses on the provision of professional analyses of teams and ideas which are submitted to the company. The creators of the submitted projects play an active role in the entire process, and gain specialist knowledge and practical guidance in return.

The main advantage of the programme is the involvement of professionals specialising in different fields who are needed to construct a business venture, which in other circumstances would be difficult to acquire by the start-up companies at such an early stage of their development. At Concept Hub, they receive it all right at the start – explains Łukasz Krasnopolski, CEO of To Reforge. – We are looking for projects which have a chance to not only achieve the required scale, but those which have real potential for actual monetisation. Straight away, we run a global analysis. If a product or a service has potential for instance only on the Asian market or even on a specific local one, this is where we develop them. The advancement level of a project at the time of its submission is not of key importance.

The programme is managed by Paweł Moczulski, who has spent the last ten years working in the marketing and new technologies sector. Concept Hub’s team comprises project and product managers, experts in marketing and communications, as well as business and software developers.

The company’s particular area of interest are start-up ventures in finances, medicine, education, entertainment, and new and emerging technology. Thanks to the global expertise of our specialists, we are open to ideas from various business fields. What matters is the team and the concept – adds Paweł Moczulski.

Concept Hub accepts submissions on an ongoing basis. You will find more information and the application form at


Article appeared on the website: , 02-02-2017

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