Start-up market: Mexico

Mexico is the fastest growing internet economy in Central and South America. The popularity of the mobile internet and the reach of social media, which covers almost the entire population of Mexico, make this country particularly attractive for new businesses and start-ups.


In Latin America, access to the internet was initially perceived as luxury for young affluent office workers; however, this is no longer the case. Today’s indicators show that a large and dynamically growing group of internet users are housewives, who have abandoned watching soap operas on traditional television channels and progressed to watching VOD material and visiting social media. What is interesting, the national trends linked to internet use are set by Mexican Millennials. This extensive group (people born between 1981 and 2000) comprises one-third of the population of the country and 60% of active internet users.

Mexicans are particularly active in social media and they are the most popular place on the internet in that country. Their reach in Mexico is higher than in any other country and amounts to 98.3%, while the global average is 85.4%. The first place in Mexico of course belongs to Facebook, where 7 out of 10 Mexicans already have opened an account. Over 90% of respondents claim to use this website most often (twice as much as the second competitor – YouTube).

A study carried out by an analytics company comScore showed that 25% of page views in Mexico take place on mobile devices. This constitutes the highest mobile penetration in the region, while the most popular operating system is Android.

Mexican online payments are dominated by local players: AllPago, DineroMAil, and PagaTodo. Over 50% of purchases are made via credit and debit cards, followed by cash and other payment methods such as bank transfers (15%) or PayPal.


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Article appeared on the website:, 11-04-2017

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