To_Reforge transforms ideas into companies

A new initiative addressed to entrepreneurs has been introduced to the Polish market. To Reforge is a company which builds other ventures (so-called company builder). It combines the potential of an accelerator programme and seed fund, but its key objective is the construction of new companies with the participation of a team of experts.


– We don’t want to invest in companies which are fully developed. We build new companies by providing them with dedicated teams – explains CEO of To Reforge, Łukasz Krasnopolski. To Reforge focuses on business experiments to be able to verify within a short period of time whether a particular business is scalable and has the potential for international development.

The main concept of To Reforge is a quick development of businesses and strong teams behind the ventures. These teams jointly work together to develop a specific business project, monitored by the initiator or an experienced manager. – We don’t allow talented people to work on poor ideas. We combine the talent of the idea’s creator with the skills of other people in the team to maximise the chances for success – ensures Krasnopolski.

A similar principle is successfully employed by other ventures in Germany, namely Rocket Internet, Venture Stars and Team Europe; however, this is an entirely new initiative in Poland.

A rapid development of companies within the To Reforge enterprise is possible thanks to the involvement of a team comprising specialists in marketing, business analysts, software developers, customer service specialists, product managers and business developers. They have experience in running projects in 26 countries.

To Reforge invests mostly in business projects from the financial, education, biotechnological, mobile application, entertainment as well as health and beauty industries. – We want to combine modern technologies with concrete offline business – emphasizes Krasnopolski.

To Reforge was set up by two Polish investors operating in the IT industry and the new technologies sector: Łukasz Krasnopolski and Paweł Chodaczek. The company began its operation in January 2016, but preparations lasted over a year. During that time, it was possible to put together a well-functioning team and establish cooperation with scientists and experts with experience in implementing new products to Western markets.

The company is headed by Łukasz Krasnopolski. – Companies I managed gave me an opportunity to acquire experience in the management of multiple businesses stemming from various industries. It is probable that this is what is behind my passion to combine online with offline or introducing fossilised industries to the world of new technologies – explains Krasnopolski, who created, amongst other, the marketing agency Red2black, the event agency Vision House and e-commerce platforms, such as, and He sold some of his ventures to investors. – This experience gave me an incredible opportunity to learn about business in respect to many different aspects: the world of investments and start-ups, business angels, or start-up companies in their very early stages of development. This helps in determining optimum solutions at To Reforge and makes it easier to build new businesses – he adds.


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