Launch of Concept Hub – a new programme of the polish “company builder” To_Reforge

Teams which contact Concept Hub are provided with the assistance of experts specialising in different fields, who carry out, among others, a professional analysis of the business concept and run consumer tests, as well as prepare the project for growth on the global market. Participation in the programme is free of charge. The best projects can strive towards further development as part of the To Reforge company, which develops businesses in 26 countries of the world.


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How to rear a unicorn in Poland? The art of creating start-up companies

Some are on a quest for a unicorn, some copy successful ideas or headhunt the best people in the market. It certainly is useful to be acquainted with the three philosophies of building start-ups, which have been tried and tested in the West; however, it should be remembered that a company is created with other people, for the people and thanks to these people.

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Telemedicine as an opportunity for polish start-ups and the health service

Telemedicine, or the provision of remote medical services using modern technology is a hot topic at present. In the face of ageing societies and still unresolved problems linked to enormous queues to medical specialists, telemedicine has the opportunity to change the healthcare market.

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How to attract young employees to a new company?

Solid employment in a corporation or a new company with developmental potential? Do start-ups have a chance of winning with corporations in the race for the best employees?

Ewa was employed by one of the largest media companies in Poland – she had good earnings and company benefits. She knew what was expected of her. Ewa worked from 9 to 5 (at least theoretically), and every day arrived punctually at a modern office building located in the business district of Warsaw. However, after some time she became tired of the inflexibility of her position and this predictability began to wear her down…

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To_Reforge transforms ideas into companies

A new initiative addressed to entrepreneurs has been introduced to the Polish market. To Reforge is a company which builds other ventures (so-called company builder). It combines the potential of an accelerator programme and seed fund, but its key objective is the construction of new companies with the participation of a team of experts.


– We don’t want to invest in companies which are fully developed. We build new companies by providing them with dedicated teams – explains CEO of To Reforge, Łukasz Krasnopolski. To Reforge focuses on business experiments to be able to verify within a short period of time whether a particular business is scalable and has the potential for international development.

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